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2017 Maryland House Bill 955

2017 Maryland House Bill 955 The 2017 House Bill 955 specifies what it means to be enrolled in postsecondary education, and it extends the age in which an individual can receive support from their parents to pay for college. The most significant portion of HB 955 extends the age in which a child can receive child support funds from 19 to 23 when the child is enrolled in a postsecondary institution. Currently,… Read more

Surrogacy Contracts

Here at the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr., LLC and Associates, we handle a variety of family law related matters including divorce, alimony, custody, visitation, and protective orders. While we treat every matter with the same level of intensity and thoroughness, every once in a while, we handle matters that are a bit outside the "norm" which require a little more creativity and thinking outside… Read more

Judge issues summary judgment in family business case

Judge issues summary judgment in family business case Family squabbles over business interests have torn apart one Maryland family of auto dealers. Earlier this month, a Montgomery County circuit court judge issued a summary judgment in the case of Darvish v. Darvish, which pitted a father and his sons against his daughter and their half-sister in a civil case. The judge's ruling followed a hearing last month in the 2015 lawsuit plaintiff filed after… Read more

Tips for a faster and easier divorce

Tips for a faster and easier divorce If you don't want your divorce to drag on in court, consuming all of your time and emotional energy, you're not alone. Plenty of people say they want to have fast, easy divorces, but things just tend to swell once they get underway. With the tips listed below, you can make your divorce as fast and simple as possible. 1. Prepare in advance. Know what paperwork you need to have and make sure you get… Read more

March is the biggest month for divorce

March is the biggest month for divorce Maryland readers may be interested to note that more divorces take place in March than in any other month, according to a recent news report. Divorce¬†filings start to increase in January and generally reach their highest point in March. There is no definitive answer as to why so many separations occur in March, but there are theories. One theory is that spouses grow tired of each other during the… Read more

Custody cases have become more equal

For many years, child custody courts in Maryland and all across the United States tended to favor mothers. They were thought of as more natural caregivers, and that played heavily in their favor in court. In recent years, though, the push to equalize the process has increased. Some have seen this as an attack on mother's rights, but the stats show that equality between the sexes seems to have been… Read more

Shared custody can make it impossible to move

Over the years, it has become more and more common for parents to share custody of children after a divorce. The courts typically view this as best for the children and the parents, and there can be many up sides to having both parents involved in the children's lives. However, there is one problem that has become more common as a result. In the days when only one parent was typically handed sole… Read more

Should you sell your house before or after divorce?

If you and your spouse are going to split up and you know that means selling the house, when should you do it? Do you want to sell it while you're still married, or would you be better off to give one person the house when dividing assets and then let that person sell it? The answer may lie in how much your home is worth and how much you'll pay in taxes. If you are going to make under $250,000 in… Read more

Can a child ask to change custody?

The court may award custody to one parent and not the other, but the court's main goal in all custody situations is to make sure that the child is safe, healthy and happy. With that in mind, can a child ask for changes to be made in the agreement? For example, can a child who is living with his or her mother ask to live with his or her father? The short answer is that yes, a child can make this type… Read more

QDROs Can Be Valuable Tools for Divorce

In recent years, the divorce rate among couples over 50 years old has increased. According to a study by the Institute for Population Research cited in a recent Forbes story, in 2009, the participants in one in four divorces were 50 years old or above. Many women fitting this age range, at this point in time, have put their own careers aside to raise children while their husbands worked. And these… Read more