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Month: August 2022

Co-Parenting During Divorce

How is child custody determined? Parents may work together to determine custody of their children. This is generally done before the divorce is final. That determination may also be made by a judge in a court of law during divorce proceedings. The best interests of...

A Guide To Alimony in Maryland

What is alimony? Alimony is a certain amount of money that one party is required to pay the other person. This usually happens after a divorce in Maryland. The judge overseeing the divorce hearing will make determinations as to who will be responsible for receiving...

Legal Guardianship in Maryland: FAQs

What is a Legal Guardian? A legal guardian refers to a person who has been named by a court or other similar governing body to care for another person. The person who is entrusted to the guardian’s care may also sometimes be referred to as a ward. Guardians could be...