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JC Law

Schedule Your Free Consultation:
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Your Ally
For Your Legal Journey

 Serious Experienced Trial Attorneys

Your Legal Ally Since 1992

On Your Side
With The Strength To Fight

When faced with a legal challenge such as divorce or a criminal charge, you may feel like everyone is against you. Your entire future is at stake, and you may not know where to turn.

At JC Law, we are your ally, on your side to the very end, with no judgment. You can turn to us and be confident that we will fight for you, your family and your rights.

Over the past three decades, we have had the honor of standing up for thousands of people facing legal challenges ranging from family law to criminal law to personal injury and more. As serious trial lawyers, you can be certain that we have the knowledge to negotiate resolutions and the strength to go to battle for you in the courtroom.

Our attorneys believe that the power to change the life of even one person is worth more than any amount of money or prestige. JC Law’s mission is to shape the next generation of legal professionals in order to create a more just and accessible legal system in service to our clients. That is why we fight. That is why we do what we do.

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Family Law

Domestic Violence

Protective Orders

Simplifying The Legal Journey

We recognize that this may be your first brush with the legal system. Our job as your ally is not only to protect you and guide you, but to make the process as easy for you as possible. You have family, a job, a life – we want you to focus on that while we focus on your legal issue.

To that end, we have broken the legal process down into three steps for you:

  1. Contact
    • You talk. We listen. We want to know what has happened so far and what your objective is. This will also be your opportunity to ask questions.
  2. Speak With One Of Our Lawyers
    • After the initial consultation, we will work with you to design a strategy to reach your desired outcome. This strategy may be refined if and when new issues arise, but will serve as our compass as we lead you through your legal journey.
  3. Let Us Help Fix Your Situation
    • Depending on the specifics of your situation and your desired outcome, resolution may be accomplished through negotiation or trial.

The Strength Of Our Team Is Behind You

We are not just your ally, but your allies. When you enlist us for your legal journey, you will have the strength and decades of experience of our entire team behind you. As a full-service law firm handling most of the legal issues that a person will face in their lifetime, we are prepared for unique situations, or when one legal area strays into another or other complexities arise, as they often do.

We pride ourselves on giving each case the care and attention necessary to reach a positive outcome. Have questions along the way? Concerns? Just want to talk something over? When you need us, we will be there.

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