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JC Law's Attorneys

james updated

James E. Crawford, Jr., Esq.

Founding Partner and Senior Litigator

Jim believes that the power to change the life of even one client is worth more than any amount of money or prestige. That's why he's spent just about every day of his working career in a Maryland courtroom, giving clients their opportunity for justice.

Zachery Groves 2020-Domestic Partner and Senior Litigator_JC Law

Zachery Groves, Esq.

Domestic Partner and Senior Litigator

For your domestic case, the buck stops with Zack Groves. Zack's priority is to maintain your family and quality of life, no matter what your case entails, with individualized representation.

Mark Sobel 2020-Criminal Department Manager and Senior Litigator_JC Law

Mark Sobel, Esq.

Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator

Originally a lawyer from the Big Apple, Mark and his family relocated to Charm City to represent Marylanders for both criminal and civil matters. Whether it's a traffic-related charge or a serious criminal matter in District or Circuit Court, you'll want Mark in your corner.

Timothy Sutton 2020-Senior Litigator_JC Law

Timothy Sutton, Esq.

Senior Litigator

Timothy's current clients in domestic litigation leverage his nearly 20 years' experience litigating in state, federal, and administrative courts throughout Maryland. Tim believes that when you represent people and their lives are on the line, they deserve a champion – and he strives every day to be worthy of that title and their trust.

Florian Tabaku 2020-Family-Managing Attorney

Florian Tabaku, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

Clients looking for a dedicated, hard-working, thorough, and tough advocate that offers personalized attention for their unique case should ask for Florian. When Flo handles your case, expect professional, responsive, and proactive representation that gets results.

Abigail Beichler-2020-Associate Attorney_JC Law

Abigail Beichler, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

With a legal focus on domestic cases and a background in criminal defense, Abbey is determined to see justice done for individuals in their time of greatest need, fueled by her passion for thoughtful, mission-oriented preparation. With Abbey at your side, know that your case will be handled with the attention and respect it deserves.

Aaron Goodwin 2020-Family-Associate Attorney

Aaron Goodwin, Esq.

Supervising Attorney

Aaron is a true Marylander with his roots sunk down deep – which means he fundamentally understands the area, its residents, and especially the courts. He ferociously fights for his clients throughout the legal system to get them the results they need.

angel updated

Angel Campbell, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Angel is an essential Associate Attorney at the Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr. & Associates LLC. with her primary focus and practice in criminal law.

Francis updated

Francis Lanasa, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Francis has accumulated a strong reputation as reliable and respectable attorney, helping and delivering results for his clients over the course of three decades.

jennie compressed

Jennie O'Hara, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Jennie's focus and practice is criminal law, dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves.

nedra updated

Nedra D. Ayers, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Nedra prides herself on defending enforcing the rights of her clients to the fullest extent of the law.

mattew updated

Matthew Thumser, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Matthew's focus at the firm is domestic law. He uses all of his experiences to help each of his clients to the best of his abilities.

george update

George VanDuzer IV, Esq.

Associate Attorney

George has spent years gaining experience and a fundamental understanding of the law, fueling his passion for finding justice, with a concentration in domestic and family law.

Shanese updated

Shanese Gordon, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Shanese has joined the team and is dedicated to supporting her clients and the firm in domestic law. Her knowledge and experience makes her a formidable asset to have in your corner when the time comes.

Jacob Updated 3

Jacob H. Dorfman, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Jacob joins the firm with already years of experience within the Maryland legal system, proving himself to be a valuable asset to the team, with a desire to get the job done, and done right.

JC Law's Legal Staff

Sean McMahon 2020-Family Law and Domestic Department Manager_JC Law

Sean McMahon

Family Law and Domestic Department Manager

Connie Almond 2020-Family-Paralegal and Executive Assistant_JC Law

Connie Almond

Senior Executive Assistant and Lead Paralegal

Jackie Hawkins-2020-Family-Paralegal

Jackie Hawkins


teresa updated-1

Teresa Soliz

Lead Discovery Specialist

Abigail updated

Abigail Belayneh

Discovery Specialist

Rita updated-1

Rita Dade

Discovery Specialist

nandin updated

Nandin Dave

Law Clerk

Cristina Granados -2020-Family-Paralegal

Cristina Granados


Diana updated

Diana Hairston


April Jones 2020-Criminal-Paralegal_JC Law

April Jones


Mariama updated 2

Mariama Keita


Linda OConnor 2020-Criminal-Paralegal

Linda O'Connor


dan updated 2

Daniel Schwartz

Discovery Specialist

JC Law's Office Staff

Dawn Kus 2020-Staff-HR Manager_JC Law

Dawn Kus

Human Resources and Office Manager

Alison Jane  2020-Staff-Controller_JC Law

Alison Jane


beth updated

Beth Taby

Billing Manager

Robin Eads 2020-Staff-Accounting and Billing Specialist_JC Law

Robin Eads

Accounting and Billing Specialist

cassandra updated-1

Cassandra Gilliam

Lead Intake Specialist

kelli updated-1

Kelli Stallings

Lead Intake Specialist

Sheena updated

Sheena Wills

Lead Intake Specialist

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