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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Maryland

In this blog, we will cover the most frequently asked questions in regards to divorce in Maryland. This will cover everything from the types of divorce, how to file a divorce, and more. What types of divorce are there? Limited and absolute divorces can be requested in the state of Maryland. A limited divorce does not legally terminate a marriage.…

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Alimony in Maryland Explained: The Criteria Considered in the Decision

How Is Alimony in Maryland Determined? Alimony or spousal support is financial compensation that is granted to one person by their former spouse after a divorce. A judge will usually declare that a certain amount be paid to that party for a specified time period, although spousal support can be indefinite in some cases. The primary criteria that a judge…

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Bank Accounts & Divorce

Some couples may decide to combine their assets when they get married. This is accomplished by opening joint accounts. Most banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions allow partners to open joint checking and savings accounts. These accounts are commonly used to pay for home loans, utility bills, car loans and other expenses that are typically associated with a marriage.…

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