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The Two Types of Contempt of Court in Maryland

What is Contempt of Court? Contempt of court (also known as contempt) is the failure of a person to obey a court order. Contempt can also be used to describe behavior that interferes with or prevents justice from being properly administered. An individual who obstructs these processes or disobeys a direct court order can be charged with contempt of court…

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What is Military Family Law? An Overview of Military Family Law in Maryland

A military family has one or more parents or adults who serve in the United States Armed Forces. Some family members may be related to one another by marriage, blood or adoption. Military families can also include surviving spouses of retired military members or people who were killed in active duty. Child Support. An active military member may be required…

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DUI vs. DWI: Everything You Need to Know About Impaired Driving in Maryland

What is Impaired Driving? Impaired driving is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. They can hamper a person’s decision-making abilities when they’re on the road. People who are caught in the state of Maryland may face severe penalties. They could be charged with a DWI or DUI. What is a DWI? Driving…

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The Types of Internet-based Sex Crimes in Maryland

What are Sex Crimes? Sex crimes are criminal acts that have a sexual nature. Sexual assault may be involved in such incidents. Common examples of sex crimes are statutory rape, indecent exposure and rape. These activities are considered crimes because they are not mutually consensual. One party may use threats, violence or force to coerce their victim into participating in…

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Marital Settlement Agreements in Maryland: What are They? And How Can They Benefit You?

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement? A marital settlement agreement is a legally binding contract. It specifies how money, property and other assets will be divided once a divorce has been granted. All essential items should be included in the agreement. Marital settlement agreements are not the same as a separation or divorce. These documents won’t end a relationship or…

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Bank Accounts & Divorce

Some couples may decide to combine their assets when they get married. This is accomplished by opening joint accounts. Most banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions allow partners to open joint checking and savings accounts. These accounts are commonly used to pay for home loans, utility bills, car loans and other expenses that are typically associated with a marriage.…

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Peace Orders In Maryland Explained

What Is a Peace Order? A peace order is a court order. It is used to stop a certain person from contacting you or visiting your home, workplace or school. Peace orders are commonly used for coworkers, friends, strangers, acquaintances and others. Peace orders and protective orders are different. Protective orders are primarily filed against family members and former domestic…

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